Kell-Chuck Glass is proud to feature top quality, energy-efficient products from these manufacturers. We’ve been bringing daylight indoors to homeowners in Olympia and Western Washington with excellent service since 1980. Why? Quite simply, we believe everyone deserves to have more sunshine in their lives.

Over and over, customers have told us that switching to natural light changed their lives for the better. The only complaint? They wish they’d done it years earlier. Don’t make the same mistake. The sooner you call us, the sooner you can have a brighter, happier, more beautiful home.


Let the sun shine into your home with CrystaLite Skylights. CrystaLite is a Northwest company that manufactures high quality skylights, roof glazing, sunrooms and railing systems. CrystaLite carries a wide range of products, including Energy Star rated products, to suit your needs.


Reduce your energy costs while still keeping warm with Velux Skylights. Velux offers the latest in Skylight technology, including solar powered skylights, and skylights that open with the push of a button.


Do you have a room that doesn’t get enough sunlight to warrant a skylight, but you still desire the light and warmth of the sun? Well a Solatube is just what you need! Tubular Daylighting Devices from Solatube can be installed in nearly any room in your house to give you the natural light you desire.